The UT Student Discount Program partners with local businesses in the Toledo area to offer substantive discounts to UT students, faculty, and staff. 


The University of Toledo currently has over 20,000 students enrolled, and is one if the largest economic factors in the city of Toledo. The patronage and support of the student body can make or break a business. To help facilitate this support we extend invitations to businesses to take part in our Student Discount Program. It is our top priority to make this program work for both the students and the business owners.


Why the Student Discount Program works:

  1. Saves students money
  2. Businesses want to channel students to their services
  3. Simple to establish and maintain


To participate in this program, a business needs only to offer a discount to our students; there are no other costs. By advertising discounts on our webpage, we simultaneously promote the associated businesses to our students, while giving them the ability to take advantage of the discounts. Our mission with this program is to save our students money, while promoting participating businesses within our community. We at the University of Toledo Student Government are excited to get this new program off the ground and feel it will not only be beneficial to the students we represent but the community at large. We are always looking to include additional businesses and we would be delighted hear any suggestions


If you choose to participate in our Student Discount Program, fill out the associated participation agreement below. After you fill out the form we will send a representative to your business to supply you with a UTSG Student Discount Program sticker at no cost to you. Please display the Student Discount Program sticker in your business’ window, or storefront so our students will recognize your business as a participant even if they have not accessed the digital list.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or stop by at one of our meetings.