The Short Story?

Students. Students. Students.

Students. It's who we always strive to help. From the days when we smoked in University Hall and chatted about the Cold War to now, when we worry about the environment and football games. 

Students. The people who stay up late in libraries and labs. The people drinking too much coffee. The same people hunting for parking spots in the morning. Those people make up UTSG. 

Students. It's what we are and what we strive to be. UTSG is as much about action as it is about learning. UTSG is a real world class to apply ourselves in

Now for the Long Story

We were created in 1919 by students who only wore suits and ties. The look has changed, but the mission hasn't: improve the University of Toledo. Sometimes that means being political, academic, or school spirited, but eventually, it comes back to the same reason as always -  students. Maybe that's a little cliche, or maybe that's just economical, after all, we make up the membership. 

We're broken into three major parts. There's the executive office, the senate, and the judicial council. The president and vice-president lead everything from the top of the pyramid. They get the swank office and gavel. Everything needed to whip a team into shape. The senate, on the other hand, creates the ideas. They draft and debate on proposals for events, changes to academics, and improvements to dining, parking, and everything in between. Within senate there are three major departments or committees: Internal Affairs, External Affairs, and Campus Culture. Within these committees are senators who, except during our Tuesday night meetings, probably sit in class taking the same tests and secretly browsing the same twitter you are right now. 

The justices, meanwhile, watch over the organization. Under the leadership of the Chief Justice, they facilitate elections, run impeachment hearings, and represent students in conduct cases. They don't wear powdered wigs, but it's been suggested (and quashed) plenty of times.