Here at The University of Toledo Student Government, we try to be as transparent as possible.  To that end, take the pleasure of browsing through all of our documents. 


The by-laws are voted on each year and lay out the gritty details of operation. The procedural clauses can be found in here.


The framework of your government. This constitution maps out the big picture, member responsibilities,  and structure.


Minutes retain a historical record of what happens during Student Government Senate and Steering meetings.  Minutes are transcribed by the Recording Secretary and sent to Senators after every meeting. 


Legislation is the meat and potatoes of Student Government business.  Legislation needs to be approved by the Senate and declares the actions and plans of SG. 

SG Member Handbook

The SG Handbook shows how we create our legislation and conduct our meetings. Please note that the Handbook is not an official document, and is only used as a resource for SG members. 

Election Materials

Everything you could possibly want to know about Student Government elections (and possibly more) can be found here. The Election Manual is the governing document over the elections and the Election Handbook contains all official required forms.