Welcome, New Rockets!

A letter from the Student Government president


            Welcome, new Rockets!

            I would like to formally congratulate you on your decision to make The University of Toledo part of your life’s journey.  Regardless of your academic past, I believe that you will quickly discover and take interest in many of the endless opportunities that UT provides.  With over 300 student organizations, nationally-recognized academic and athletic programs, top-tier facilities, and positive relationships with hundreds of companies, there are innumerable possibilities along your path to success.  Whether you aspire to study abroad in Spain, host a radio talk show, conduct ground-breaking research, or even form your own company, the University of Toledo can lead you to achieving the unthinkable.  Even if you are not certain about what career path is the right fit for you, or are unsure about what impact you plan on making, the extraordinary staff, faculty, and fellow students on campus are here to allow you to recognize and achieve your dreams, regardless of any doubts or fears you may have.

            Personally, I can remember the beginning of my collegiate experience like it was yesterday.  Coming from a rural high school in a graduating class of only 58 students, I initially felt overwhelmed by the idea of attending a larger university.   Although one of my best friends from high school chose to attend UT as well, I still recall feeling morose at the thought of attending a university quite distant from nearly everyone I have ever known.  However, once I participated in college visits and experience days, I immediately felt as if I had found my new home. 

            When the day finally came to attend Rocket Launch, I decided to cast aside the shy demeanor I used to possess when meeting new people.  At every possible opportunity, I went out of my way to meet as many new people as I could.  When doing this, I quickly realized that many of the other incoming freshman around me began to step outside of their comfort zones to introduce themselves to others as well.    Also, to my surprise, most of the people I spoke with reflected the outgoing, positive attitude that I was conveying.  As a result, I made many new friendships that day, including a young man who would eventually become one of my greatest friends. Thus, I would strongly encourage you to not shy away from the opportunities to network that you will be presented with during orientation and move-in week.  College will allow you to develop yourself in ways you cannot even imagine, but it is the friendships you make along the way that will truly allow you to fill these next few years with memories that you will cherish forever.

            All in all, whether or not The University of Toledo was your first choice, I can assure you that if you are willing to take advantage of what this university has to offer β€” forming lifelong friendships along the way β€” you will quickly realize that you have made the right choice.  On behalf of Student Government, the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni, I warmly welcome you to the University of Toledo.


            Best of Luck, and Go Rockets!

            Cody Spoon

            Student Government President