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Madison Hailey Ellen Lawson

Class and Major: Psychology and Law and Social Thought 20’

UTSG Position: Vice President


Biography: Hello! I’m Madison, but a lot of people call me “Maddie”. I’m going into my fourth year of undergrad at UToledo! I’m passionate about helping improve the student experience and advocating for my peers. In my free time I enjoy doing art. In my future, I plan to attend law school and be a practicing attorney.

UTSG Committees: Campus Culture, Internal Affairs, External Affairs, SJC

Campus Involvement:

On Campus Goals: I would like to see more inclusivity on campus. I want to find ways to bridge the gaps between different organizations, faculty/staff/administration, and the community.

Favorite Color: midnight blue if we’re being Crayola specific or 2767 C if we’re talking pantone colors