Rebecca Tantine Bitegetsimana

Name: Rebecca Tantine Bitegetsimana

Class and Major: Nursing 22’

UTSG Position: Appointed Senator

Email: rbitege@rockets.utoledo.edu

Biography: I am from Dayton, Ohio! I’m Congolese by nationality but I was born in Uganda. I love working with people toward creating changes. Most importantly environmental changes especially in the community where I live. Happiness is my strength and sadness is my weakness. I hope to earn my master’s degree and become a doctor especially a Family Physician to help people and make a big difference in the world!

Serving the community through the University of Toledo Student Government, will help me overcome my fears and continue to create positive changes in the environment.


UTSG Committees: Campus Culture, Internal Affairs

Campus Involvement: African people Association (APA), Generation Citizen (GC), Heal Africa international Youth organization (HAIYO), Center for Hope and healing , and Coburwas international youth organization to transform Africa(CIYOTA).

On Campus Goals: I would love to see creation of mental diverse groups :)

Favorite Color: Purple