Anjali Phadke.jpg

Anjali Atul Phadke

Class and Major: Bioengineering 22'

UTSG Position: Legislative Secretary, Appointed Senator

Email: anjali.phadke@rockets.utoledo

Biography: I am a second year Bioengineering major with a concentration in Pre-med, as well as minors in Chemistry and Psychology. I plan to go on to Medical School and become a Child Psychiatrist!

UTSG Committees: Campus Culture, Internal Affairs, External Affairs

Campus Involvement: University YMCA, Global Public Health Brigades, Alpha Phi Omega, Rocketeers, Lambda Sigma Honor Society,

On Campus Goals: I would like to see more environmentally friendly measures taken on campus, such as changing all plastic to paper or biodegradable plastic and making sure lights have occupancy sensor lighting controls.

Favorite Color: Teal or Red, love them both!