Minutes & Legislation


Minutes are the written record of what happens in Student Government meetings. They include our agenda, votes, and the occasional quote.



Legislation is Senate's formal way of proposing changes to the university, making public statements, or approving actions undergone by our leadership.


Types of Legislation


Think of resolutions as  statements or suggestions to improve student government, the university, or pay for expenses. We make a lot of resolutions. 

Resolutions only require one viewing in Senate to be voted on.


Bills are legislation designed to set up specific year-long programs. We've used them to create major events, jump start other organizations, and start drives.


Bills require at least two viewings before they can be voted on. 


Referendums are like resolutions but for the student body to vote on. Referendums have changed the student general fee, created organizations, and made public calls to action.

Referendums require two viewings before senate before they can be voted on and forwarded to the student body for a vote.