Name: Remington Joseph Sanchez

Class and Major: Criminal Justice 21’

UTSG Position: Justice

Email: Remington.sanchez@rockets.utoledo.edu

Biography: Hey everyone! So I’m Remington or Remmy for short and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m entering my Junior Year here at Toledo and am very much looking forward to helping as much as I can on Campus. After I graduate I hope to go to Law School and then practice it. That’s all folks!

UTSG Committees: SJC

Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta Rho, Snowpile, and International Business Association

On Campus Goals: I would like to see the bridge of commuters on campus to people who live on campus fixed. I think trying to get the commuters more involved would be the best as it’s hard for them to feel involved. Adding another lounge for commuters or reaching out to them more often with incentives would be the best thing to do.

Favorite Color: Red