Senator: Calvin Sweeney

Mark Dillian Huss

Class and Major: Computer Science Engineering 22'

UTSG Position: Justice


Biography: I'm a member of K∆P. I'm really interested in programming and love to talk to anyone who will listen. I also stream on twitch so if you're ever on Mr_Brisk. After college I want to work for Microsoft as a dream job. To start off I'll be working for my dad's company designing a more efficient way for them to communicate.

UTSG Committees: SJC

Campus Involvement: WEX, Hot Chocolate Club, K∆P.

On Campus Goals: I would like to see more handicap accessibility. To be more specific, going towards the REC or the football stadium it's very steep. I've heard about and witnessed people struggle to go up that hill and have a hard time controlling going down.

Favorite Color: Red and Purple