External Affairs is responsible for marketing, collaborating with other student organizations, and managing the Student Government social media accounts. 

Meetings: Thursdays, 3:30pm in the Student Government Office


  • Ambassador Program
    • As representatives of the UT student body, we aim to reach out to as many student organizations as possible. Currently, our committee members each visit 2-3 student orgs on a semi-regular basis to learn how we can better serve our students. Our goals in regards to our ambassador program include:
      • Expanding our outreach to visit at least 5 student organizations per month.
      • Making this program a tradition by formally amending our Constitution. 
  • Post-Election Festival
    • In recent history, Student Government has gathered to announce the results of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, and this year, would like to extend this event to all UT students and faculty. Ideally, we would like to see at least:
      • 90 students and administrators (combined) in attendance.
      • Have other organizations present their election results at the event.
  • Social Media Presence
    • We aim to do at least one "giveaway" on social media per month.