Goals for the Student Affairs Committee, 2016-2017

Meeting Time: Wed 8-9am


I have 2 main foci this year, Events and Legislation.  Events to bring awareness to SG and issues around campus, and Legislation to make sure we are actually doing something and trying to improve the student experience.  This will also make sure we are coming up with strong, useful questions of the week and we actively do something with the results.  The individual goals are as follows:


Town Hall
    Have 1 each semester
Spring BBQ
    April 24-28
    Bring orgs together in support of a good year
Financial Literacy Seminar
    Week 1-2 of spring semester
    When FAFSA is due
    Make sure students are aware of their financial situation
Org Olympics
    Bring orgs together
    Work with SAC
    Fund raiser for Rockethon


Credit for Community Service
    Pilot program in Honors College
    Works like co-op for Eng

Stop enforcement of parking at 5/6
    Allows students/community members the opportunity to come to campus for meetings/events
    Look at impact form lost revenue from tickets

This category will expand and goals are met and new ones are set.




1. Raise social media followers by 250 across all platforms.

2. Add Ambassador Program to the Constitution

3. 30 Orgs. participating in the Ambassador Program

4. Have a presence at homecoming this year

5. Update the Bulletin Board weekly.